13 MAY, 2018, TORONTO


We all have a story to tell

We’ve all been in situations and have stories, whether in our personal or professional lives, where we’ve had to learn and implement the art of surrendering. A good definition in illustrating this concept is “free falling backwards into the unknown and trusting that the universe will catch you. This cant be done from a place of lack or mistrust, you have to give it all you’ve got and let the outcome go. You must fall back, have faith, be grateful and wait” Through this art of surrendering, we recognize that you’re able to identify and let go of any limitations to experience freedom, understanding and peace.

Acknowledging that this is a process where everyone has their personal timelines in getting to the stage of surrender, this mental health event is aimed to get speakers to share their personal stories of how they got to surrendering and create a dialogue with the attendees.

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